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Are you ready to unlock yourself?

Jump in the YESANDbox!

Grab your Shovel today.

Pursuing creative passions has been my life’s work. In almost two decades of pursuit, I’ve faced many types of setbacks and still have managed to find creative successes on the journey.


Currently, I serve as the Artistic Director and co-founder of the Comedy Arts Theater of Charlotte (CATCh), where I teach and perform improv regularly.


For the past year or so, I have worked as a development coach and learning specialist at a large technology company. My role is centered on coaching and training working professionals with their performance and career pursuits.

I am inspired by the potential that lives within everyone I work with and I am driven by my creativity and desire to help others in their creative endeavors.


Coaching Philosophy

What's it like in the YESANDbox?

The best coaches are able to adapt to the needs and wants of their clients. My adaptability is an integral part of my art and my work, and I’ve cultivated it as a coaching tool.


Helping you unlock your creative potential will require a coach who is focused and present in the moment with you.


I utilize my improv background in my coaching, including idea generation, brainstorming techniques, active listening skills, and of course, the “YES AND” philosophy.

Our sessions will be centered on you and where you are in the moment. Together, we will work on getting you to say "YES AND" to your ideas, your passions, and to a freer, more creative YOU.


Reach Out Today

Are you ready to live a more creative and playful life? After looking through my coaching offerings, contact me for more info and to schedule a FREE consult.

Thank you for reaching out! Be in touch soon!

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